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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

When Art is born, colour is where it's all at man!

Stare at the world.

Stare up at the shiny surfaces of the reflective buildings of your city, or the colourful parade of 'bipedes' that walk in an endless orderly line, like ants, as they move rhythmically (or robotically) to the coffee shop. Stare at the sparkles of the belly dancers' beads, or the dots of skiers as they weave ribbons in the 'white' snow. Look down at your own arm in the sunshine.

In each of these see the multitude of colours that are not necessarily the colour that something actually is, but rather the air between us and the object of our gaze. The most impressive illustration is that of our skin in the sunlight. We are covered with thousands of tiny rainbows on every cell of our skin -it helps when you wear polarized sunglasses ;)

The world is alive with colour, or rather the world is alive because of colour.

When you learn to mix paint, you realize that magic can actually exist in our every day. Take any paint, kids tempera paint or poisonous exotic oil paint, and stir together 'a bit' of blue and 'a bit' x 2 of yellow and the original colours change.... and make the colour of the trees. The painter's palate is within every person's reach, and everyday you can experience magic.

I love colour!


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Lovely encouraging words Tessa. Learning how to see is an art and teaching one to learn how to see the light even more so an act of great worth and generosity. Thank-you for all of this. Beautiful.

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