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Shatter the World

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

When Art is born of Raw Energy...

Even when my pieces are imbued with meaning, their initial impulse may have been a heightened emotional response to a piece of news, or an ongoing issue (usually social or environmental). Visions, compositions and pictures completely formed come into my mind.

On several occasions a piece is created from pure emotional energy, such is Shatter The World.

In 2008, my father came into my home-studio space to tell me that his doctor said he had a very short time to live. (He lived for another four years due to an experimental drug that changed him and haunted his mind.) After he left my space, I was overwhelmed with emotion and at the same time numb to the point of feeling disembodied. I grabbed a chunk of charcoal, a tube of paint, and the burning candle and made this piece.

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